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Last Thursday I had the chance to attend the Student Wellness Advisory Committee (SWAC) meeting at 6 PM in the Wellness Center Conference Room. In fact, I am the chair of the committee and my name is Matt Schober. SWAC is all about the students, faculty, and staff and what we can do to better the 7 Dimensions here at UND! There are many diverse opinions and ideas brought up at each of our meetings. At our most recent meeting we had a chance to learn about Peer Educators, towel usage at the Wellness Center, and the UND Pond Hockey Tournament.

If you have an opinion yourself (we all do) and if you live the 7 dimensions in your everyday life we invite you to our biweekly meetings. Our next meeting is Thursday, February 9th, at 6 PM in the Wellness Center Conference Room! Meetings are open to the public and require no previous commitments to the group! More information can be found on our webpage:


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