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Altru’s Pursuit of Wellness

Dimension: Social

Activity: Attend Men’s Basketball Game v.s. NJIT

Date: 1/26/12

The challenge was to attend the Men’s Basketball game v.s. NJIT at the Betty. I love basketball however I have never gone to a game here at UND. I really enjoyed going to the game, and it was a great game too. It was a pretty close scoring game for awhile, and it was a lot of fun to watch the half time performances as well. I loved how some of the plays made the crowd stand up and cheer for UND. It was fun to see how well they could play. I’m hoping that I will be able to attend another game soon. Also, I really enjoyed going to the game with my friend, especially since we don’t get a lot of time to hang out normally.

the Reason.

There are so many moments in the “holiday season” that might leave us feeling inadequate; we don’t have enough/the right presents for people, our cooking might not taste as good as another’s, the loss of a special someone earlier in the year echoes in their absence, despite best efforts we still sit alone at a table filled with people who’ve found a loving spouse, we never made it to our goal weight… the list goes on.

Why do we beat ourselves up like that? The last time I checked, there wasn’t a “year-end test” we needed to pass in order to pass GO. When we choose to put less pressure on the “stuff” we no longer feel such a sense of dread and regret… especially when it comes to eating and numbers on a scale. Instead of putting so much thought into eating an entire container of peanut butter blossoms or chippers, concentrate on the time you get to spend with loved ones. Get up and move your body because you can, not because you’ve eaten way too much and you’re hoping that it’ll allow you breathe comfortably again.

Take a minute to stop and think about what Christmas is truly about; Jesus Christ was born!!
God became man, in the form of a precious and totally vulnerable little baby.
His first moments were surrounded by animals.
In a barn.
Talk about a HUMBLE entrance!
And all of this… to save you and me.
(Did you note any sort of “test” in there? Me neither.)

Throughout the season of Advent we light candles, one at a time, in order to symbolize Jesus bringing light into the darkness of our sinful world.
Surely it was nothing we deserved.
God simply loves us that much.

That being said, why is it that you have so much difficulty in cutting yourself the same type of break? What are the major barriers to your acceptance?

This is a season to CELEBRATE Christ and give thanks for all of the great things in our lives, blessings that not a single one of us deserves, but still receive because we are loved by a wonderful God!

I challenge you this Christmas to block out the “noise.” Forget about presents, cookies, outfits, and decorations; rather, spend the weekend in complete gratitude for all of the blessings in your life.
(Even if you can’t see them… I promise you they are there.
After all, you woke up today right?)



Merry Christmas to you all!
I hope you are in a happy place surrounded by love.

You are You and I am Me.

How many times today did you see someone and think, “Why can’t I be like her/him?Seriously.

You’re at the gym, and you start to feel all self-conscious when you spot a stick figure next to you on the treadmill just jogging away effortlessly. (Cue the imagination:) She probably gets to eat chocolate cake and ice cream and chips and pizza without any regret. And she probably only works out once a week- that’s it. And her social calendar is full of fun things she’s doing with fun people. Of course she has an amazing boyfriend that worships the very ground she walks on. And no way does she ever have  to study, yet consistently gets high scores in school and easily achieves everything she sets her mind to… Whoa, Nelly!

Do you ever do this? If the answer is yes, my next question is: WHY!?

I’d like to remind you that God made each one of us a little bit different. Or a lot a bit different. There’s a reason that we don’t all look the same, sound the same, act the same, think the same, and believe the same. You do yourself a great disservice when you try to fit the model of another person.

I read an article about body types recently, and it brought back a memory from high school. I have a friend that is naturally thin, no matter what. She has tried to gain weight before (I KNOW!) and just couldn’t (I KNOW!)And it drove her nuts. The majority of women I meet strive to be thinner. Most men I meet desire to be more sculpted, bulky, and ripped. Either way, we are never good enough.

What if we all pledged to treat our bodies right and accepted ourselves right where we’re at, and we do this all as an act of love? Perhaps we change our motives: because we love who we are, and we believe in the importance of  sharing our light and talents to others in the world.

How many days have you wasted this week thinking about how you wish you were different? How many people have you wished you were instead of the person you are?

I think that it’s ok for us to think about those things at times, but with a realistic and purposeful mindset: If you wish you were someone else because he/she travels the world… maybe it’s time for you to start putting money away little by little and planning your next vacation (no one is stopping you). If you wish you were someone else because he/she writes beautifully… maybe it’s time that you pick up a pen and a fancy notebook and filling the pages (just let your thoughts flow, you have beautiful music inside of you). {Side note: this applies to whatever it is that interests you. Today is a GREAT day to start.} If you are jealous of someone because he/she has sculpted arms and legs… maybe you should stop avoiding the weight room (and find a friend who knows what they’re doing to show you the ropes).

The bottom line is that you have a lot more power than you give yourself credit for. It’s important that you don’t spend each day living for “some day” or “the perfect body” or “certain circumstances.”  

You get today.

You get right now.

You are you and I am me.

Embrace your circumstances with thankfulness

now go out and create some magic.

It’s your TURN! Get ready to play Pursuit of Wellness!

Pursuit of Wellness is coming to the UND Campus for the Spring 2012 Semester. Students that play Pursuit of Wellness will have an opportunity to win a variety of prizes including a Grand Prize (TBA).

What is Pursuit of Wellness?

Pursuit of Wellness is a 7-week game designed for all UND students to learn firsthand the correlation between wellness and academic success. Students will be encouraged to participate in a variety of existing campus activities, all of which connect to at least one of the 7 Dimensions. The official game play starts on January 16th. The first task that students will need to do is complete a game entry survey.  Students can continue to play the game at their own pace by picking what days and what activities they want to participate in.

Incentives will be placed throughout the game for encouraged participation among UND students. At each activity, students will receive a Wristband of Wellness, referred to as a WOW, indicating that they fulfilled one of their 7 Dimensions (e.g. Red WOW = Physical; Yellow WOW= Intellectual; Green WOW = Environmental; Indigo WOW = Social; Purple WOW = Spiritual; Blue WOW = Occupational; Orange WOW = Emotional). There will be several chances to earn a WOW from each of the 7 Dimensions, featuring an activity from a different dimension every day, of each week. Students that complete the game entry and game completion surveys will be entered into drawings for a variety of prizes.

Students that Collect all 7 WOW’s during the 7 week game can play the Ultimate Pursuit of Wellness and be entered into the Grand Prize drawing. Winners will be announced at the Wellness Expo at the UND Student Wellness Center on March 7-8.

If you would like to add an activity to the Game Board, visit the Pursuit of Wellness webpage ( and fill out the submit your activity form.

UND Students – are you ready to play Pursuit of Wellness???

Somebody’s Someone

Who was the last person you interacted with?

Was it positive or negative?

Being made fun of is an unfortunate reality for too many people in this world. I’ve heard that mean words are like papercuts: even though you can’t see the damage they cause, there’s a lingering sting.

Thinking back to me days as a “fat kid,” there are 2 events that really stick out in my mind:

The first put me into counseling. I was riding the bus to help with church choir practice, just another Wednesday. Two boys who were in the class above me often made it their mission to try to break me. Because I don’t like to “lose (or show weakness),” I put on a stone face and just took whatever they dished out. Day after day, they would torture me with comments about my weight. That day, it happened to be “Could you please move to the middle of the bus? You’re weighing us down.” I broke. I called my mom and told her I was absolutely at the end of my rope. Shortly after I started to see someone who introduced me to the idea of writing my thoughts down on paper.

Fast forward a few more years. I was a sophomore in high school and nearing my highest weight of 300+ pounds. I wasn’t the only person that was picked on at school; there were a few other “targets.” I remember that I was having a pretty good day, and it was just after lunch time. (At my school, people sat in the hallway to wait for the bell to ring, so they were often people-crammed by the time our break was over.) I walked towards band, past all of the juniors and seniors, and heard, “Jeepers, is it thundering outside?” I closed my eyes and hoped I had heard that wrong. When I turned around and saw everyone laughing my fears were confirmed. I…was… deflated.

With the advancements in technology, torturing another person has become easier and easier… people can be anonymous. And so hurtful. A part of me gives thanks that I was able to lose weight before things like Facebook were invented.

Now, I’m not saying that I’ve always been the nicest person to the people I’ve met. I think that at some point we’ve all been guilty of forgetting that every person is “somebody’s someone.”

The power of a kind word has played a major role in my (continued) success, in any area of life. Not only words, but a smile. It’s the easiest, simplest, cheapest way I can think of to build a person up.

As you go about your day make it your mission to be a light for others, even if you are having a rough day. “It is in giving that we receive.”

Oh… Monday.

Let me tell you about my Monday.

Well, let’s start with Sunday night. I decided that I was going to wake up and make one positive change: eat breakfast. Now, even though I’m a Registered Dietitian, I willingly admit that I’m NOT a breakfast eater unless it’s a Diet Coke and a mushy apple.

Even though I didn’t feel very hungry, I made sure to leave my apartment with a turkey sandwich with ketchup (yup… ketchup). Not long after, my patience and willpower were tested at a consistent rate. It all started when I got to work and realized that a piece of my computer equipment disappeared during a recent remodel. Then a website would not work that I needed (yay deadlines!). I decided to work on the website in a new location with a fresh mind and a different server, and ended up getting my first EVER parking ticket. Oh, and then I went to a lunch meeting and had computer issues. By that time, I needed a kickboxing class or a bag of cookies. I was on the verge of:

A)Crawling in a hole and crying.

B)Eating every last piece of pie on the dessert table. (Did I mention that one of the people in this organization knew me and decided to continuously lead me over to the pie table to “help me out?”)

During the meeting we sang the “Smile Song,” which may be my life’s soundtrack, and I decided that from then on out my day would improve.

  • The presentation went really well.
  • I didn’t eat all of the pie. (Wahoo!)
  • I figured out how to get the ticket revoked.
  • People smiled at me. And made me laugh.
In celebration of my successful afternoon, I decided to try something new. I took Cardio/Yoga fusion (*mad props* to the instructor). Usually I RUN from anything with “yoga” or “pilates” in the title. But because the afternoon was successful, I decided to give it a shot…
AND I MADE IT THROUGH THE WHOLE CLASS!! I’m far from a ballet dancer or a gymnast, but with the support and encouragement of the other people in the class, I survived.
Just like my Monday.
And you know what? I’ll probably go back.
Were there any hurdles you faced and overcame in a healthy way today?

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