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Specialty Group Exercise Classes

Have you ever wondered “Why should I pay for group exercise classes when there are free ones on the schedule?”

Believe me, I’ve wondered the same thing. – but then I realized one of the MAJOR benefits that come from these classes.  I’m the type of person who doesn’t like being surrounded by a TON of people when I exercise.  I usually workout at the Wellness during times when there are NOT a lot of people in the building – but I’ve always wanted a little extra guidance and motivation with my workouts without the many faces all trying to do the same things as me at the same time – like in group exercise classes.  Let’s face it – I can get stuck in a rut sometimes, even as a personal trainer.  So my choices for the extra guidance & motivation as well as the major change up to my routine was either hire a personal trainer for an hourly rate OR look into the Specialty Group Exercise program.  Since I was a college student at this point – I was like any other college student and strapped for cash I had to decide what was more budget friendly, but still getting the same results.  The answer?  Specialty Group Exercise.

So when I discovered Boxing which was offered as a Specialty Class (a few years ago) – I fell in love with the SMALL class size.  There were only 8 people in my class and I got some very valuable attention and training at about 1/12th the cost of a personal training package!  Strapped for cash

I had never pushed myself so hard in a workout in a long time.  Sure in the past I’ve always had my good workouts that left me sore the next day, but in this case someone was there holding me accountable making sure I wasn’t letting myself become complacent and take the “easy” route.  They encouraged me when I didn’t feel that great about myself,helped me meet my fitness goals and kept me moving!!

Now while Boxing isn’t here this semester (bummer I know!) – I know there are some great options to choose from – there is ViPR which is brand new and puts a fantastic Outdoor 4spin on strength training – taking you back to some very functional work in a new light.  Reformer Pilates (which I’ve taught in the past) that is a great CORE workout that helps with balance too – after teaching that class I always felt stronger than when I wasn’t teaching!  Rise & Climb is a completely NEW concept – this class will teach you how to become a better climber, become a stronger climber and will get you into the wall during the off hours (now ladies – who couldn’t use a little upper body strengthening?  Am I right??)  And lastly Beginner’s Mediation Yoga – which will help you center yourself spiritually & emotionally to be able to help find yourself & help keep you calm in the waning moments of the fall semester.  Registration is going on NOW for all of these so I encourage you to sign up too before all the spots are gone!  Head to the Wellness Center website NOW!!!

2012 Welcome Weekend 062

I hope to see ALL of you trying something new!

Interfaith Week at the University of North Dakota

Friday, March 1st:

Finding Your Way – Seeking Directions When You Don’t Know You’re Lost
11:00 am – Christus Rex

It’s easy to wander when you don’t know you’re lost. In Tera’s talk, she will speak about her own personal journey to find the right path, and the importance of seeking direction in a world full of promised destinations.
Session will be led by Tera Elness.

Christian Views on Big Questions: 12:00 pm (Noon) – Christus Rex

How do different Christian traditions respond to issues of sin, grace, eternal life, evil, and other faiths?  A moderated panel with Christian voices from Mainline, Conservative Evangelical, and Roman Catholic churches will tackle these hot topics.
Free lunch provided!

YOGATHON: 4:00 pm – Wellness Center

A special yoga event will be held in conjunction with the Healthy Campus Challenge and Interfaith Week. It will take place on Friday March 1st at 4pm in the Wellness Center Group Exercise Room. For more information on the Healthy Campus Challenge head to the Healthy Campus Challenge webpage

Love your body week (emotional)

Dimension: Emotional

Activity: Love Your Body Week info booth/fondue

Tuesday, January 29th from 11am-1pm

THis activity was a booth with pamphlets at the Union. However, it wasn’t any old boring booth with information that people just grab; it also had a fondue station. I was really excited to stop by because, let’s face it, I love sweets. I loved that they had marshmallows and graham crackers that you could dunk under the chocolate, they were delicious. Not only was I excited to stop by this booth for the food, but I was curious about the information that they had available. In this century our lives are so focused on the media and that has created numerous problems for people. One of these problems is body image. With all of the commercials and advertisements these days with stick thin models girls often get a distorted image of themselves. I personally love my body. I work out 5-6 times a week because it feels great and I love the way I look, but I would be lying to you if I said I never had a negative image pass through my head. There has been multiple times where I catch myself thinking, “O, if this was just a little bit thinner here.” Also, looking at those Victorias Secret magazines doesn’t really boost a girls confidence either, but I know that I am healthy and at a good weight and size for my body. I thought that having the info booth/fondue as one of the activities was great idea. Hopefully, because it was in the Union which is very public, that people saw other people going to the fondue and information and that encouraged them to do it also.

first worst breakdown

“You’ll need a pair of pants, some type of pj’s, an extra sweatshirt, a t-shirt, your toothbrush, and a few pair of socks. Oh, and it all needs to fit into a backpack. OK?”

That was the sentence that sent me over the edge… I mean REALLY over the edge, for the first time.

Prior to this night, I caught myself crying over everything- happy, sad, frustrated; it didn’t matter, I cried regardless. I kept asking people if a person can run out of tears, as I thought my tear ducts’ days were numbered. I also noticed that I had been trouble concentrating and my already horrible short-term memory was basically non-existent. The difficulty sleeping, I thought, led to obvious constant exhaustion and a great deal of light-headedness. I feared the dark because I knew it meant that I would soon be disappointed and frustrated; I would just lay there with a racing mind, thinking about things that did or did not happen that day, or maybe not even thinking at all. Room spins were frequent.

I thought these symptoms were possibly caused by diabetes. My aunt has Type I, and I’m a registered, licensed dietitian… so I feared that I may, too, be embarking on a complete and total life change due to illness. (This fear of diabetes has fueled my weight loss/maintenance efforts for quite some time.) I called her to talk through some of the things I was experiencing. All I could think was, “Great. All that hard work- for NOTHING.” My life was over.

To my surprise she said that it sounded more like depression than diabetes.
I laughed. Depression? Not a chance.”

I was in a relationship with a wonderful man, I loved my job and the great city of Grand Forks, my apartment felt like home… all the pieces were in their right place for happiness. Depression only happened to sad people who’s lives happened to fall apart… right?

I began to look into signs and symptoms of depression a little more. I spoke with friends who had been treated in the past and discovered similarities. I was determined, however, not to turn to medication to “fix me.” I was stronger than that. I could beat this Beast.

And then we made plans to go camping.

My now-fiance called me to give me the “packing list.” It was nothing major, and he’s a very laid back fellow, so if my belongings happened to spill out of my backpack it would not have mattered.
But I will never forget barely hanging up the phone in time only to drop it and hit the floor myself in a pile of tears:
It was just too much for me… I would pack the bag wrong and ruin the entire trip… I was not smart enough to pack the right combination of things… I had no idea what I was doing with life… Not enough… Never enough…
I welcomed death, for I figured in that moment it’d be easier than having to fit my jeans and sweatshirt into that backpack.

[I suppose I should disclose that I can be a tad dramatic from time to time. This, however, was much different. This ached inside of me.]

I don’t know when or why I passed out, but awhile later I awoke as my fiance lifted me up and held me. I was wedged half way under my bed. I could no longer see out of my eyes, and my sleeves, neck, hair, and the floor were all soaked. Everything hurt.
I had completely fallen apart.

I could see the fear in his eyes as he asked if he could take me to the hospital. I settled for a bubble bath and bedtime.

The past few months have been an absolute roller coaster. Depression, or The Beast, has changed my life in ways I could never imagine. The tricky thing about The Beast is you cannot see it, so you might wonder if it’s all in your head.

The most important thing anyone ever told me in facing all of it, was that it was important to be honest. This is why I’m going to share my journey with you. If you are struggling, please know that you aren’t alone, and we’re going to get through this together. There’s a wealth of resources right at your fingertips and just outside your door, like Student Health Services located right by the Union on campus. There are so many helpful and friendly people there- and I say this even after they gave me shots.


Summer time at RecSports

It has been a busy summer here at RecSports.  We have had a number of groups and camps come in to use the Rock Wall and the gym space, including Indians into Medicine (INMED), ELS Language Centers, and Century Elementary School.

Century Elementary Field Trip – Rock Wall

We have also been busy planning for the upcoming school year with new or improved intramural sports and Rock Wall events, such as Flag Football and Cosmic Climbing. Registration dates and league dates have been posted online at the UND Wellness Center website.

RecSport has also implemented a new online intramural scheduling and team/player registration system called IMLeagues.  The new system will be used for players to register their teams, invite players to join their roster, view their team schedules, and communicate easily with their teammates and the RecSports staff.  Instructions for signing up on IMLeagues are posted on the UND Wellness Center website.

Lastly, RecSports has been revamping their officials training program.  The training program will have emphasis on positioning, mechanics, and other skills essential to becoming a great intramural sports official.  We are always looking for good people to become officials so please consider joining our team.

It’s an exciting time for RecSports as we prepare for the upcoming school year with new sports, programs, and ideas.  We are working hard to provide the best intramural program we can and we hope you come out and Get Playing!

Pursuit of Wellness – Eating Disorders

Dimension: Intellectual

Date: February 28th

Today I attended the bonus opportunity, in which I stopped by the Eating Disorders informational booth in the Memorial Union to learn about some facts on eating disorders. I personally am very happy with my body and LOVE eating food, so even though attending this booth was of no use to myself it was actually very informational because I have a friend with an eating disorder. It was really nice to read about the signs of how to recognize one. Hopefully with the new information I learned by attending this booth that I can maybe help her to recognize it herself.

“Revere the body and care for it, for it is a temple.” ~ Swami Muktananda

UND’s H&W 7 Dimensions of Wellness

Dimension: Emotional

Date: February 24th

Last Friday I chose to attend the Attend “Living Through Violence: The Oncebay Textile Family” Photography and Textile Exhibition at the North Dakota Museum of Art. Photographs documented what happened in Peru during one of its most violent period in history from 1980 to 2000. Looking at these phototgraphs made me feel such pain inside because I could just see the hurt that these people were experiencing. There were pictures of tortures, serious crimes, and assassinations. Going to this exhibit was very moving and I thoroughly enjoyed it.


Dimension: Intellectual
Activity: Attend Meet Eat and Learn at the International Center
Wednesday, February 8th at 12:15pm

The speaker of this session was a refugee here for a number of years from Africa.  I learned that refugees flee from their country because of horrible conditions that no one should ever have to experience.  Mostly, they were being killed and abused and they needed a way out to a better life.  There was even a person there who have been here in the US since 2005 and he is a student and a refugee.  Some refugees also come here and don’t have a mind of their own and do not believe they should give their opinion on anything, but rather say what they think want to be heard.  This is highly because they fear that the persons that brought them here may disagree with their opinion and send them back home…to the life they NEVER want to return to.  Personally, I didn’t know those things happen still, but I do appreciate this informed session so that I can be more sensitive to what is happening around me.  It also lets me appreciate where I come from and how I experienced life before coming here!  I am VERY APPRECIATIVE of my culture!

Intellectual Wellness

Dimension: Intellectual
Activity: Meet, Eat, & Learn
Wednesday, February 8th at 12pm

Last Wednesday I attended my first Meet, Eat, and Learn session at the International Centre. Prior to the event, I knew this month’s speaker was going to be Amoussa Koriko who was going to speak on the common misconceptions/challenges refugees faced when coming in the Grand Forks area. I knew a bit about the topic as we had just discussed this briefly in a social work class after a news article was written in the Grand Forks Herald about the topic recently. However, I was curious to hear Amoussa’s insights on the subject. The presentation was interesting as well as hearing others in the audience ask what they themselves could do to make the transition easier for refugees coming into this community.  We can be open to listen and learn about someone elses culture, this will build relationships and respect for eachother in the process. Overall, I thoroughly enjoyed the presentation as this topic is relevant in our community today.

Altru’s Pursuit of Wellness: Intellectual and Evironmental

Dimension: Environmental

Activity: Visit the ND Museum of Art -Winged Shadows Life Among Birds Exhibit

Date: 1/27/12

The challenge that I chose to do today was to go to the Art Museum on the University of North Dakota’s campus to visit the Winged Shadows Life Among the Birds Exhibit. When I first got to the museum, I really didn’t know what to expect. The painting were really fun to look at. Some of the pictures I had to spend extra time looking at since they would have so much detail and many different aspects to the paintings. There were several pictures that a giant bird with a fisherman in its mouth. I thought those were very interesting to see, maybe birds are better fisherman than humans are. Another aspect of the exhibit that I found interesting was the fish nets filled with a bunch of electronics, it made me think of how human technology is destroying our natural environment. I really enjoyed going to the museum.


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