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butt chugging

yep, you read that right, butt chugging, or alcohol enemas… it is hard to believe that someone would take alcohol and put it in their butt to try and get a buzz or get dunk faster. it doesn’t end there though, people are also soaking tampons in alcohol and then applicating them. …here’s another kicker, “eye shots”. filling a shot glass full of alcohol and putting your eye on it, then tipping it back and opening your eye so the alcohol hits your eyeball…an eye shot. i can’t believe it yet i have to because it is the reality of what is happening.

more? unfortunately, i have it. last week someone told me that they did 16, (one six, sixteen!) shots in one hour once… i looked them dead in the eye and said, “you’re lucky to be alive” and i meant it. in the end (since they are not yet an alcoholic) the only reason they are still alive is because your body makes you puke a heck of a lot when you put that much alcohol in your body all at once. puking it back up is what saved him… but two things concerned me (okay, probably more than two) one was that this person did NOT go to the hospital (yet another reason why they are lucky to be alive) and finally, how do you think 16 shots in one hour is okay?!!! where in the world does that come from?

so here’s what scares me most- if you drink those same 16 shots over the course of say four hours, you are definitely dead. so how do i teach people about that? tell ‘em to try and take as many shots as you can in hour to see who wins? nope…not going there. see how many you can take over the course of a night (and not die)? nope, not going there either.

what will it take for people to understand what is going on when these things are tried? even if you’re already drunk, even if the guy or gal standing next to you did it once and still seems to standing there, alive and just fine, doesn’t mean you should do it too.

There’s safer ways to get a buzz than butt chugging.

just sayin’


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