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The Student Health Advisory Committee (SHAC) members are leaders within the University who are the vehicles of change and the voice of student concerns. SHAC promotes communication between students and Student Health Services (SHS). The group allows UND students to effectively communicate with the administrators, medical providers, and staff of Student Health Services. Members of SHAC play a vital role in the future of Student Health Services by providing student feedback obtained through SHAC activities, promotions and events.

Kick the Butts’ Butt

On Wednesday, March 19th, anti-tobacco activists everywhere will be acknowledging the annual “Kick Butts Day.” Kick Butts Day is a day focused on standing up and speaking out against both tobacco use and the tobacco industry. All across the world, people will be holding all kinds of different anti-tobacco related events.  The primary goal of most of these events is to encourage current tobacco users to quit using tobacco for good. whatisincig

The benefits of quitting tobacco use are numerous, and it is important to investigate the options out there for helping you quit if you choose. Here at UND, there are plenty of resources. At the Health and Wellness Hub, located in the Memorial Union, users will find “Quit Kits” available.  Users can also check out Student Health Services to discuss the process of quitting tobacco, and perhaps get a check up to see how at risk you might be for tobacco induced health problems. Across North Dakota, the Department of Health has also established the “ND Quits” campaign.  Users interested in quitting can check out the campaign’s website or dial the toll free number to get access to free resources available for quitting.

The good news is that all across the U.S., tobacco use is decreasing. Compared to 42% of the population reporting regular tobacco use in 1965, in 2012, the percentage was reported to be 10%. ( So, if you’re interested in quitting, please do your lungs a favor and check out these fabulous resources! (the official website for “Kick Butts Day”)  (the official website for the ND Quits campaign)

1.800.784.8669 (ND Quits hotline)

701-777-2605 (UND Student Health Services)

Participate in the Green Gallop Homecoming Run!


The Green Gallop Homecoming Run is a great way to show your UND Pride and help support the UND Wellness Center’s Student Development Fund.  Participants can choose between a 5K, 10K, or a 1.5 Mile Family Fun Run/Walk.  The course begins at the Wellness Center, runs along the English Coulee, past campus, and past the Ralph Engelstad Arena.  Prizes will be awarded for the “greenest” or “most spirited” costumes. Participants receive a Green Gallop t-shirt if registered by Friday, September 28th.

Race Details:

When: Sunday, October 14th
Where: The run starts and ends at the UND Wellness Center.
Time: The run starts at 9:30am.
Register online now at:

For more information about the run, please visit the UND Wellness Center’s website at or contact Patrick Marcoe at


Not interested in running?  Need volunteer hours?  Come be a volunteer for the Green Gallop Homecoming Run!

Volunteer Details:

When: Sunday, October 14th
Where: The run starts and ends at the UND Wellness Center.
Time: Volunteers need to be at the UND Wellness Center at 7:00am on the morning of the run (10/14/12) and would be done around 12:30pm.
Each volunteer receives a free Green Gallop t-shirt!

If you are interested in helping out or want more information about volunteering for the run, please contact Brian Marti at

UND is one of 9 Colleges with A+ Perks

These schools rise to the top of the class with their above-average health and wellness programs– and UND is one of the schools! is a leading provider of online health information. Their goal is to provide support to their readers to help manage overall well-being through personalized advice, tools, and communities. They are committed to bringing the most credible and relevant health information available online that is easy to understand and can be incorporated into one’s every day life.

You are young, but you are not invincible.

You are young, but you are not invincible. You are still at risk for skin cancer.

The sun is out and the temperature is heating up. Swimsuit season is nearly here, but that shouldn’t mean we return to last summer’s tanning behaviors. It’s time we take into account the negative effects of sunbathing, tanning beds, and lack of sunscreen. We may be in college, we may be young, but we are susceptible to skin cancer. If you have two minutes today, listen to Natalie’s story ( And take a few minutes every day to be proactive about these preventative measures to cut short the risk of skin cancer.

  1. Avoid tanning and UV tanning booths.
  2. Examine your skin – look head-to-toe every month.
  3. Visit a dermatologist – If you see anything on your skin that lasts for 2 weeks or longer and is growing, changing shape, and/or bleeding or itching, you should see a dermatologist right away for a skin cancer check.
  4. Use Sunscreen.
  5. Don’t burn.

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