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Stay tuned to find out the latest happenings with the University of North Dakota Intramural Sports program. The program offers students, faculty and staff the opportunity to participate in a variety of competitive and recreational sport activities. Intramural sports offers in traditional sports and nontraditional sports. Intramural sports host a variety of tournaments and special events throughout the year.

Intramural Champions Spring 2013

Here are the Spring 2013 Broomball, Inline Hockey, Volleyball, and  Dodgeball Championships!

Broomball Champions

CoRec Broomball Champion - Sunnyvale

Broomball CoRec Champion – Sunnyvale

Inline Hockey

Open Inline Hockey Champion - Forgetting Sue

Inline Hockey Champion – Forgetting Sue

Volleyball Champions

Volleyball Women's Champion - The Has-Beens

Volleyball Women’s Champion – The Has-Beens

Volleyball Men's Champion - Derta Ter Derta

Volleyball Men’s Champion – Derta Ter Derta

Volleyball CoRec D1 Champion - Dakota Shore

Volleyball CoRec D1 Champion – Dakota Shore

Volleyball CoRec D2 Champion - Anneka's Stormtroopers

Volleyball CoRec D2 Champion – Anneka’s Stormtroopers

Dodgeball Champions

Dodgeball CoRec Champion - Tongue Punch

Dodgeball CoRec Champion – Tongue Punch

Basketball and Indoor Soccer Champions

We recently saw the conclusion of the Spring 2013 Basketball and Indoor Soccer Championships!

Basketball Champions

CoRec Basketball - Havoc

CoRec Basketball – Havoc

Men's D1 Champion - Bombers

Men’s D1 Basketball – Bombers

Men's D2 - Northern Lights

Men’s D2 Basketball – Northern Lights


Women’s Basketball – Block Party

Indoor Soccer Champions

CoRec Indoor Soccer Champion - Man-Chest-Hair

CoRec Indoor Soccer – Man-Chest-Hair

Men's Indoor Soccer - FC Broiler

Men’s Indoor Soccer – FC Broiler

Intramural Ice Hockey Champions

The long road to the championship started back in October and after 5 months of league play and playoffs; three champions emerged from the D1, D2, and D3 leagues on the REA Main Ice.

Grand Forks D1 Champions

Grand Forks – D1 Champions

Celly Hard D2 Champions

Celly Hard – D2 Champions

Dangle Berries D3 Champions

Dangle Berries – D3 Champions

4v4 Pond Hockey Champions

After two nights of bitter cold the North Stars emerged as 4v4 Pond Hockey Champions!  Games were played at University Park in conjunction with the Late Night Skate Program put on by the Wellness Center and the Student Wellness Advisory Committee (SWAC)  Thank you to all participants!

North Stars

North Stars

Box Lacrosse Champions

This past weekend concluded the 4v4 Box Lacrosse tournament.  After 2 grueling hard-fought days, the Multiplications Sharks emerged as champions in the double elimination tournament.

Multiplication Sharks
Multiplication Sharks 4v4 Box Lacrosse Champions

The 4 v 4 Pond Hockey Tournament

Make the most out of this cold weather and sign up for the Pond Hockey Tournament! UND Rec Sports is holding a 4 v 4 tournament on March 1st and 2nd from 6:00PM to 11:00PM (both days) with collaboration from Student Wellness Advisory Committee (SWAC). All Games will be played at University Park’s outdoor hockey rink.733499_87174186

Registration opens on February 11th and closes on February 28th. Visit to register.

For more information regarding dates and registration, contact Patrick Marcoe at 701.777.3256 or by email at

Don’t Forget to Sign up for Spring 2013 Intramurals!!!

MD1-Those GuysCan you believe it’s already almost January?! This means the Intramurals registration dates are quickly approaching. Joining the UND Intramu­ral Program is a good way to let off steam. From volleyball to dodgeball, RecSports offers a wide variety of activities in all levels of intensity. Whether you are a casual player aiming to have fun, or a fierce competitor with a viselike half-nelson, there is something for everyone.

You can also sign up for CHOICES to qualify for a rebate on your registration fees. For information regarding dates and registration, scheduling and rosters, the intramural handbook, and officiating opportunities, go to:

UND Fall 2012 Intramural Champions

Here is a look at all the UND Intramural Champions for Fall 2012.  Congratulations to all participants on a great season!

#SquirrelSwag-Women VB

Women Volleyball Champion – #SquirrelSwag


CoRec D1 Volleyball Champion – Merica

CoRec D2 Volleyball – A-Town Brown


Men Volleyball Champion – Italia


Inline Hockey Champion – GForks2

CR-Real United

CoRec Indoor Soccer Champion – Real United

M-FC Broiler

Men Indoor Soccer Champion – FC Broiler

MD1-Those Guys

Men D1 Basketball Champion – Those Guys

MD2-Team #4

Men D2 Basketball Champion – Team #4

W-Block Party

Women Basketball Champion – Block Party

CR-Block Party

CoRec Basketball Champion – Block Party

Second Best

Flag Football Champion – Second Best

Zen Masters

Indoor Ultimate Frisbee Champion – Zen Masters

1st Intramural Champions of 2012-2013 Crowned

Yesterday, we learned of UND’s first Intramural Champions of the 2012-2013 school year.

The Flag Football Championship game was a hard fought game, not just between Second Best and Team Tyrone, but also against the frigid winds of North Dakota.  The players and officials were greeted by a snow covered field, but after some quick shoveling, the field was playable and the game got under way.  After 40 minutes of cold, wet, and slippery conditions, Second Best emerged victorious as UND’s Flag Football Champions!

The next games of the evening were on the Multi-Activity Court in the Wellness Center for Inline Hockey.  The evening featured a brutal schedule of both Semi-Final Games and then the Championship Game immediately after.  Following the Semi-Finals, only two teams remained, GForks and the Rastafarian Rockets.  However, in the end only one team truly remained and it was GForks that outlasted the competition to become the Fall 2012 Inline Hockey Champions!

More Champions will be revealed as the Fall 2012 Intramural Season continues with sports such as Volleyball, Basketball, Indoor Soccer, Ice Hockey, and Indoor Ultimate Frisbee.

The Quest for the T-Shirt Begins!!!

School has started and with it, the intramural season.  Registration is open for inline hockey, dodgeball, volleyball, and flag football.

New to intramurals this year is a new registration and scheduling system called IMLeagues.  You can register your team, invite members to join your team, sign up as a free agent, view your intramural schedules, and more.  Registration instructions are available on the UND Intramural website.

So get your teams ready and registered.  The Quest for the T-Shirt begins!!!


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