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Breaking records in worksite wellness!

UND hit an all-time record for staff and faculty involvement in WORKSITE WELLNESS programming!!!!!!  A total of 50% of the workforce took part in at least one Work Well or related-wellness activities (Health Club Credit, Healthy Blues, etc.). This will allow UND to apply for the American Heart Association Platinum level Fit-Friendly Company award for Year 2012 by achieving the new participation level criteria.

UND has received four Platinum-level awards and six overall national awards from the American Heart Association.  UND was the first organization in North Dakota to receive a national Fit-Friendly Company award in 2007. Criteria for the award includes providing programming in physical activity and nutrition, providing a culture of wellness (worksite has wellness program coordinator, health risk assessments, preventative health programing, etc.), and has at least 50% of employee participation in worksite wellness activities.

Running with Lynn Show

Good morning UND it’s looking like another nice day today we should have a high of 80 degrees with slight wind. I went to the movies on sunday and saw Snow White and the HuntsMan, real good movie, it’s a movie for the big screen the story was good everybody played a good role. The wicked queen did a great job, evil and wicked as it gets. the special effects were good, the giant camels and Medieval battles. I saw Prometheus a week ago that also was a movie for the big screen, the story was sent that great but the special effect, outer space, aliens, and spaceships make it fun to watch. And now Whats Grinds My Gears, early this morning I catch the bus to work and the bus driver has the radio turned up loud so everyone can listen. The guy next to me starts talking on his cell phone, instead of the radio we have to listen to this guy’s conversation. And that what grinds my gears. Back to you Tom, and in other news U.S, seizes cargo ship suspected of carrying stowaways. Have a nice day!


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