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the guy who ate someone else’s face bc of bath salts

i’ll never forget the day i walked into my new apartment to see my new roommate and my old RA each doing a line of coke. i had no plans of ever seeing cocaine in my lifetime, let alone watching someone else do it and later that night ask me if i wanted to smoke some pot with half a pill of meth in it. this is the last thing i expected i would be dealing with after spending the last 8 hours competing at a regional tournament. what i kept hearing in my head was an echo of what my old RA had said only a few months ago, “i’d never do something hard core, just a little pot and some X every now and again” cocaine and meth?! if that’s not ‘hard core’ what is?

i heard about this whole bath salt thing and, honestly, i thought it was ridiculous. who would eat or snort bath salt?! how does something like that even start? well, regardless of how it all started, it legitimately screws you up. just the other day i was reading about it online and came across a story about how a man in Kentucky or Florida, i forget which now, was tripping so hard on it that he literally ate another man’s face. like bit chunks of his face off and ate it! it’s not just some little high you get from it, it is a serious do-things-you’re-gonna-go-to-jail-for kind of serious.

i guess it’s hit home a lot harder now that the drug is reeking havoc right here in Grand Forks/East Grand Forks… police said that there have been 6 people who have overdosed on it and 2 more who have DIED because of it….”he was foaming at the mouth, and growling….then he started banging his head against the pavement…” there’s one guy in the paper today who is now on trial for MURDER because of something as stupid as bath salts!

i get why people want to get high or buzzed sometimes, but seriously, this just isn’t worth it. this bath salt stuff isn’t like having a beer or smoking a cigarette for the first time, with this one, all you have to do is try it once for it to kill you. idk what people are saying yet, but i’d pair this stuff with things like heroin and crack and meth, you just don’t want to mess with that stuff.

all i know is that this is just as crazy as walking in on my roommate and RA doing coke…there’s other ways to get high or escape from life for a while then messing with drugs. it’s just not worth it, even something that seems as simple as bath salts.


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