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Running with Lynn Show

What Grinds my Gears

So I’m having problems with my tv, so I call the cable company, they say we will send someone over tomorrow around 1 and 5 o clock. So im sitting at home for two hours  and the guy has not knocked on my door, I call the cable company ask if the man is going to show up they say he should be in a bit. I waste 2 more hours and still no sign. If you make an appointment keep it. And that’s whats really grinds my Gears.

Running with Lynn Show

Good morning  UND it’s another Wednesday, we are looking at a cloudy morning with a chance of showers. But the sun should shine with a high of 80.

I hope your all enjoying  the NHL and NBA games on tv, I think the Kings and the Celtics will win it all.  The movie of the week Rock of Ages.  This movie has a good story with great music from the 80s, a great movie to see on the big screen the music the stage set up will be great. So if you’re not at a high school reunion this weekend check out this movie…


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