Liberia night

Dimension: Social

Activity: Attend cultural night – Liberia

Thursday, January 9th at 6:30pm

The activity was to attend a cultural night –Liberia.  Almost every Thursday students and members from GF community can attend cultural night series and learn a little bit about that culture.  For a dollar we can even “sample” cuisine from that country. That “sample” usually ends up being my dinner for the night. That’s great! For a dollar I get to have dinner. However, I couldn’t sample foods from Liberia because I had to be somewhere at 715 so I could only stay for the presentation. I learned some new things about Liberia. Now if anyone was to ask me what the capital city or for whom the city was named, then I will be able to answer those questions. Since I have attended other cultural nights, I knew what I was expecting before going to Liberia night. Generally, the show starts with a brief presentation about the country, followed by dances/songs and finally food. Since the Liberian community on campus is small, they didn’t have any dances/songs. Little history about Liberia was informative and entertaining. I wish I could have stayed to sample the cuisine; but I am sure they will do this again next year. Education isn’t just about knowing things in your field; it is also about having broad knowledge regarding the rest of the world. I once knew a guy who thought all he needed to know regarding “general knowledge” was the capital of ND. I will be attending more of these cultural series in the future.

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